There’s always more to learn about Social Media. That would be true, even if each of the online sites weren’t changing weekly. Many of you have already learned a lot about it, but applying it is always a challenge. One needs to have some general principles to work with and then experiment and learn from what happens.

Social Media Training comes under many different names. Social Media Management Training, Social Media Marketing Training, Digital Media Training. And the scope of the training differs greatly depending on the amount of time, the audience, and goals.

Are you figuring out which training may be helpful to you; What your budget is; Whether you want in person classes or virtual classes (by video or with live webinars)?

Martin Brossman & Associates based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a Social Media Training Program, with two parts: A beginning, intermediate and advanced course in Social Media; followed by a Social Media Manager training, which teaches you about applying it as a business, whether it’s your job, part of your job, or you want to be a consultant or contract social media manager.

See the New Social Media Management Certification website website and current training: MySocialMediaMastery.com

We have in person class starting in Pittsboro, NC at Central Carolina Community College in January 2013, and we are completing our online training program site which will be available at the time as well.

The in-person training program is 14 weeks, 42 hours, Monday nights between 6 pm and 9 pm. It is not computer based, you will need to do your home work online outside of class. The purpose of the class is to enable you to strategically create and manage a full social media program for a small business (yours or someone else’s) knowing how to find answers, how to anticipate and resolve problems, and how to get the most business value for your time.

There are always lots of choices. Find out what environment best suits you, what focus you need, and what would best support you as you tackle this whole rich realm of business and social communications on the Internet.

Previous Trainings

A Fundamentals of Social Media class was held on January 23, 2012 with trainer Martin Brossman will be teaching Fundamentals of Social Media with Anora McGaha in a three hour session at the Center for Excellence off Six Forks Road South.

This beginning social media class is directed to business people and professionals seeking to start up with social media, wanting a refresher, or just the chance to review their social media program. Registration was on Eventbrite.

Martin Brossman holds a month class at the Center for Excellence. To get the notices, either follow his Facebook Page, or sign up for his newsletter. People who get his newsletter get greatly discounted rates on his classes.

Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha are the co-authors of Social Media for Business published in 2011,http://www.thesocialmediaforbusinessbook.com written for the small and micro business owner.

Brossman and McGaha will be teaching a full series of social media classes covering fundamentals, intermediate and advanced levels of social media and Internet marketing. To get on the waiting list, please email info@martinbrossmanandassociates.com. Classes will also be available by webinar.

Both Brossman and McGaha have deep experience with social media and Internet marketing, reputation building and monitoring for micro and small business owners. Both are currently paid consultants and active in social media management.

To learn more, connect with either on LinkedIn, inside919.com or via Twitter @MartinBrossman and @AnoraMcGaha.

Visit Martin Brossman at MartinBrossmanandAssociates.com, ProNetworkingOnline.com, or CoachingSupport.com.

Updated November, 10, 2012