Social Media Management Certificate Graduates

Graduates of the Social Media Management Certificate Program by Martin Brossman & Associates are recognized as having learned the fundamentals of social media management to be able to manage clients’ online presence.

The rigorous 12-14 week, project-based program, requires significant home work, online research, plan development and reports.

Each person who completed all the requirements has received a signed and dated certificate from Martin Brossman & Associates. The certificate acknowledges their determination to learn the many steps of the process, as well as their completion of an online project.

It also acknowledges that Martin Brossman & Associates is pleased to recommend them to small businesses and organizations that would like social media assistance.

Although a 3 month course, the pace is fast and requires a lot of independent learning through watching videos and experimenting. Students are required to develop their own project in social media management to demonstrate application of the concepts and practices taught in the course.

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