Social Media for Business – The Book

Understand what to do and why.

Social Media for Business is a perfect book for people starting up in social media, or in their first year or two, wanting to find an easy to read book, with clear organized chapters, and very readable overview of the Internet and social media

social media for business bookTake a look inside the Social Media for Business book on Amazon.com.

Martin Brossman and co-author Anora McGaha published their Social Media for Business guide for small and micro-businesses through North Carolina’s Outer Banks Publishing Group in early July 2011.

The book was launched August 4th to a full house with a celebration at the Center for Excellence in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Thousands of copies are in circulation around North Carolina, and have helped many a micro and small business owner become familiar with and take their business marketing to another level.

Business Executive Richard Lindenmuth wrote in his The Outside the Box Executive: “There are a number of books on social media. Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha wrote Social Media for Business which I really enjoyed.” 


Readers Comments:

Karen Tiede, a contributor who is also a VineVoice Amazon reviewer and micro business owner wrote: A great place to start

I’ve read some other books about social media marketing that open with, “Start with a small test budget of no more than $200,000.00.” Brossman & McGaha will not take you down that path. If you’re overwhelmed by all the online marketing you are being told you should be doing (especially by people who want you to pay them to do it for you) and need to get an understanding of the whole field before you start spending marketing money, Social Media for Business is a good place to start.


Draughon Cranford wrote: Great book, made to fit YOUR needs

Great book, made to fit YOUR needs, not meet the needs of the authors’ ego.

Other books I have read on this subject have either been too basic or over my head. This book is written in a manner that allows you to find the information that is relevant to you. The authors suggest that you scan the table of contents for the information you need or want to learn now.


Cramer Gallimore a photographer and micro business owner wrote: An “owners manual ” on the subject

This is the book I’ve been waiting for. The subject matter is specifically about using social media for business purposes, and is chock full of information. Clearly organized and written, it is also a “quick start” for those businesses who want to implement a strategy right away. I manage social media campaigns myself, but have been unable to find all of this information in one place until now. The book has chapters written by several experts in different fields, which is a strength and is written in plain language anyone can understand. Great job!


Jen Surovy wrote:

I am a big fan of books that provide both new information and actionable items that I can use to improve whatever business venture or project I am working on. Similar to Martin’s book on Linking In to Sales, this book provides the latest information in social media/digital marketing and provides a clear path and steps for those that want to take immediate action to improve their online presence. Highly recommend this book for microbusinesses that are looking for new tools to enhance their business.


J Cutler wrote:

This book shows the tremendous knowledge of the authors and contributors and yet someone with little social media experience can relate to the material. You do NOT have to be technically saavy to understand how to make this work in your business. Can’t wait to finish reading! Great job on this subject. Look forward to another book.


D. Williams, a small business owner wrote:

I love the way the content is broken down in segments in this book. Every small business owner should tap into what Martin and Anora are sharing. There are so many things covered that a small business owner could use in his or her business. I highly recommend that anyone serious about their business get a copy of this book. However, “TAKE ACTION” on what the book covers to take your business to a completely new level.


Whitney Hill, a contributor wrote: Micro and Small Business Owner Must Read

This book is a must read for the micro business who needs to do their web marketing themselves and the small business owner or marketing manager that is working with a professional web marketing company or selecting one. Each topic can be read quickly and easily, and is written in layman’s terms.


Angel Lebak, a contributor wrote: One Book…All the Social Media Answers

As a Virtual Assistant Trainer I help upcoming VA’s around the country get their virtual assistant business started. This incredible book is one of the tools we use. The value of the book isn’t in the amazing detail of such a vast variety of topics (which is awesome). The real strength is in the step by step actions, that you can do IMMEDIATELY and see IMMEDIATE results on your Google ranking and social media presence. I HIGHLY recommend this book, and will continue to do so.


Michelle Gower, Gower Power, a contributor wrote:

I saw the amount of work that they put into the finished product, and it did NOT disappoint. From how to use LinkedIn “hidden objects” to land your next client to understanding the basics of WordPress, to how to grow a collaborative mindset while you participate online, the book runs the gamut without telling anyone they are ‘stupid if they don’t get it,’ or ‘need’ any of the contributors to do it for them for money.

The amount of contributions, from contributors that care as much as Martin and Anora do about the super-small business owner, are worth far more than spending weeks on Google trying to figure it out, paying someone thousands to set up a Facebook page, or losing valuable, billable time trying to go it alone and figure it out as you go.

For more reviews visit the book site on Amazon.

The book was even included on a syllabus for an IT course taught at the City University of Hong Kong. One never knows just how far one’s book will travel!

Interested in the Social Media Certificate Program?

Which type of class are you interested in?

Social Media Manager Training Program

In early 2012, Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha collaborated to create a 13 module Social Media Manager Training Program, to help others prepare for the vast opportunities in managing social media for organizations and professionals. This video training includes a table talk discussion, at least one screencast video training, an outline and exercises for each of the 13 modules. A couple of the modules have two or more screencast videos showing step-by-step where to look and what to do.


Central Carolina Community College

In January 2013, when first taught at the Central Carolina Community College they introduced another week to allow participants to present the results of their project, demonstrating what they learned during the training. The presentations became a highlight for participants as well as the instructors revealing their creativity, innovations and take-aways.


Five Years at NCSU McKimmon Center’s Technology Training Solutions

In early 2014, Martin Brossman and Karen Tiede brought the popular and useful training to another level, teaching the program at North Carolina State University’s Technology Training Center. They continued to refine, update, and add to the training while condensing it to a 12 week program. For five years, they have taught to sold out classes educating over 250 students in growing business through social media marketing. The course continues to support employment opportunities and increased revenue generation for North Carolina businesses by raising the digital literacy levels of participants.

Participants receive an updated workbook for the Certificate of Social Media Management training program to support their learning over the three month course.


Social Media Management Workbook

Martin Brossman and a course graduate hold up the workbook for the Certificate for Social Media Management training program at NCSU’s McKimmon Center.