What Does Social Media Training Cost?

Social media work is available at all levels from interns, assistants, coordinators, analysts, specialists, managers or directors; both in office and virtually. But how many people have the training and experience to fill the positions? If you don’t have experience, getting training will give you a head start; and the better training programs require you to apply the learning live to gain experience.

What does social media training cost? You have many choices today for Social Media (SM) training. Prices vary from under $40,000 to a couple of hundred dollars, and of course, what they offer varies too, from a Master’s degree to a certificate. Here are some examples.

Master’s degrees in Social Media Related Fields from graduate schools:

— $32,000, if you get accepted, you could get a Master’s Degree in Communications with a Digital Communications concentration from Johns Hopkins.
— $10,000 you can get a Master’s degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

Bachelor’s degrees in Social Media or related disciplines of digital marketing or Internet marketing:

— $8,000 you can get a Bachelor’s in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and study Social Media Optimization.

Special or Certificate Programs in Social Media at Universities:

— $5,000 you could get a Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from NYU.
— $4,995 you can attend Rutgers’ Mini MBA(tm): Social Media Marketing.
— $3,000 or less you can get a Certificate in Social Media Technologies and Implementation from the University of Washington.
— $2,200 or less, San Francisco State’s Social Media Marketing Certificate.

Commercial or Non-Academic Social Media Training Programs:

–$4,000 as an estimate, for attending 4 PR News Digital and Social Media Conferences will earn you a PR News Certificate in Social Media
— $3,700 you can attend the Social Media Academy’s Certified Social Media Strategist training.
–$500 or less, Media Bistro’s Social Media Marketing Boot Camp
–$399 one time fee, and $20 a month for Web Media University’s Social Media  Certification program

Community College Social Media Training:

Community college education is often restricted to residents in the local area, and so, while more affordable than other education, is not accessible to just anyone.

— under $1300 for the 12 credit 4 course SM Certificate Program at Madison Area Technical Community College in Wisconsin.
— $120 for the 2.4 CEU 24 hour SM Manager Certification at Sandhills Community College in North Carolina.

Higher prices do not necessarily guarantee better training or better preparedness for employment and higher income. Though certainly, we all know that a Master’s Degree program gives us a qualification and status that you can’t get with a non-degree program. These different programs have different purposes.

What Are Your Goals for Social Media Training?

In order to evaluate what program serves your needs, within your budget, part of it is understanding what your own goals are.

Are you looking for the skills to be able to do hourly work through elance.com or guru.com or virtualvocation.com, part time and virtually?

Are you looking to work for an agency, as a social media assistant or specialist?

Or do you want to manage one or more organizations’ online marketing strategy, plan and campaigns?

The bigger the organization you want to work for, the more depth of study and experience you’ll need. Strategies and implementation for Fortune 500 companies are on a wholly different scale than for small businesses of under 50 or under 20 employees.

Ultimately, the more hands-on experience you have the more informed and savvy you’ll become, and the more value you’ll offer as a contractor or employee.

Anora McGaha collaborates with Martin Brossman & Associates for social media manager training that builds skills, concepts and methods for developing and managing social media programs for micro and small businesses. Martin Brossman and Anora collaborated to develop a 4 course Social Media Manager Training program. Contact anora@martinbrossmanandassociates.com for more information.

See the 14 week in-person Social Media Management Certificate Program at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro starting January 14, 2013. It includes  Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Social Media for Business Concepts and Applications; and our 13 Module Social Media Manager Training developed from close to 6 person/years of hands-on social media management work.

Note. None of these programs are endorsed, they are merely listed as results from current online research. Fees are approximate only, as of June 2012. Contact the organization offering training for exact fees.

Updated November 10, 2012 with the CCCC class.