Resources for North Carolina Students

The Social Media Manager Training Program for North Carolina’s Community Colleges

Training Program Objective

Give students the knowledge and skills to get paid work in the Social Media field at their level of competence. Share our decision-making and problem solving processes so they can move through whatever challenges they face. Show how values of integrity, quality and service are necessary for long-term success in the field.

How the Training Program Helps NC’s Community Colleges

Offering a “hot” topic that is visible all over the Internet, TV and storefronts and that will attract new students

Offering courses that will give students access to white-collar paid work, with plenty of room for growth

Offering courses that equip students to help North Carolina’s businesses reach their customers, increase sales and develop their reputations

Offering courses created and taught by North Carolina citizens, with knowledge of and a passion for the state

Offering courses based on outstanding experience working with NC small businesses, non-profits and communities

What Jobs are available in the Social Media field?

What jobs are available?
They start with Internships – paid and unpaid, an entry into a company, and qualified experience that builds credibility for the next job.
They are local or virtual. They can be done as a consultant or freelancer, contractor, or employee as part of an agency, web marketing company or individual businesses.
Titles can be:
Social Media Assistants
Social Media Analysts
Social Media Specialists
Social Media Coordinators
Social Media Managers
Directors of Social Media
For more information please contact anora@martinbrossmanandassociates.com or martin@martinbrossmanandassociates.com, or call 919-741-9449 and leave a message with your phone number, for a quick return call.