The Social Media Management and Marketing Certificate Program is in its 6th year within Technology Training Solutions at the McKimmon Center.
Who is this course for?
  • You want to market your own small business or professional service with a strategy, a plan, and a way to measure results.
  • You are an artist, writer, performer, musician and want to build your online presence for opportunities and sales.
  • You already have social media responsibilities and want to learn a systematic way of doing it.
  • You have a marketing or advertising background and need to round out your expertise with Social Media marketing.
  • You are an employee who could have social media work, but want to get trained to get a jump start.
  • You are unemployed, or under employed, and know that social media marketing will give you in-demand skills.
  • If you’re starting from ground zero on Social Media, you will have a steep learning curve, and should plan to spend at least 10 hours a week learning, exploring and practicing.
  • If you’re already using Social Media already, some of this will be review, but you may find it valuable to have your knowledge reinforced.

Anyone wanting to learn can take the course, but those who want a certificate in the fundamentals of Social Media Management from Martin Brossman & Associates will need to complete the requirements.

Requirements to be Eligible for the Certificate:
  • Learn to prepare 10 different documents as client deliverables and documentation.
  • Learn a 10 phase process that builds on each prior phase.
  • Do at least 6 hours of homework every week online, and some reading.
  • Have a social media project on your own business or someone else’s where you can go through all the 10 phases and demonstrate your mastery of the process and approach we teach. (You will need to actually log in and post content as the business, not just prepare a plan for them.)
  • Demonstrate mastery of the fundamentals of running a social media management program for a client such that we would be comfortable referring you to a client.
  • If you do not complete your demonstration by the end of the course, you can sign up for a follow-up program, and when you’re ready, earn the certificate then.
  • You can take notes with a laptop or tablet, but we may not have the wifi bandwidth for you to be online as well.
  • The hands-on part of the course happens when you do your homework – building the online presence for your project. Participants do not need laptops for class.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • We have a lot of documentation available for each class online. We have videos to support the training. We have a book – that you’ll get a PDF of for free, or you can order for $2.99 through Kindle: very easy to read, very good way to start or reinforce what you know.
  • There is no National Certification in Social Media Management that is the industry standard, as we’re all learning and everything is changing so quickly.
  • To learn social media management, or marketing or digital marketing or Internet marketing or whatever variation, you can pay as much as $35,000 for a master’s degree in digital marketing from a competitive university, or as little as $110 from a community college, and every variety in between.
  • No two trainings are the same, and price doesn’t necessarily tell you how much you’re getting. Spending two years at a prominent university studying Internet marketing will be quite a different experience than a 10 week course, right?
  • Martin Brossman & Associates teaches a proven method for reviewing prospects, proposing work, and walking through all the steps to developing a program and then managing or training others to manage  client programs.

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